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God’s Hours

I believe that the early hours in the morning are God's hours. These hours offer peace, solitude, silence and quietness. When we allow our souls to be nourished this way, we are deeply in harmony and in synchrony with all else and all beings. The sense of serenity and stillness will overcome us, and the… Continue reading God’s Hours

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Thought #11

Everything is a matter of perception. The question is how can we help and get ourselves to view and see the world differently so that we can no longer experience the pain and suffering in our lives. How we see the world hurts us and wounds us, not the world itself.

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How You End Your Night Is How You Wake Up To It

End the night in a good note, and you will wake up on a good note in the next day. I mean it! I've found great results from it. I cannot emphasize this enough. I mean I cannot emphasize this enough. Literally it will improve your morning the next day. Again, how you end your… Continue reading How You End Your Night Is How You Wake Up To It

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Thought 9

Cultivate and focus on the intangible things in our lives. “Cultivation” recognizes that we already were born equipping with all that we need to create and make the life we want possible. You were born with fear, so what, you cultivate your fear into courage, you were born with courage, so what, you cultivate your… Continue reading Thought 9

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The Vulnerabilities Of Blogging

We all are here to blog for something. Here are my thoughts on why sometimes we forget our reasons for being here. 1 Even when no one is reading our posts, we need to remind ourselves that we often blog here for ourselves. We don't blog to get attention or anything like that. It's a… Continue reading The Vulnerabilities Of Blogging